T-Mobile customer service number that works!

——- For Individuals ———-

Call T-Mobile customer service:
1-800-T-MOBILE or 1-800-866-2453

——- For Business ———-

Call T-Mobile Business customers service:

——- Other ———-

Get Help from Other Customers
Ask questions and get help from other T-Mobile customers on our Support Community.

Call T-Mobile
Get in touch, free of charge: Just dial 611 from your T-Mobile phone or call 1-877-453-1304. Customer Care representatives are available from 3 a.m. to 10p.m. PT, daily. Automated account help is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you are calling about a technical issue with your T-Mobile service, please call from a different phone so that we can troubleshoot with you.

Call us – TTY
(TTY service is available for the hearing and speech impaired.)

Call us via TTY toll free at 1-877-296-1018.
TTY hours are from 5:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. PT, daily.

T-Mobile Customer Service

Other Numbers to reach T-Mobile customer service:

T-Mobile speed dials HERE
and 411 and more HERE.
For troubleshooting issues with your phone, please call from a phone other than the one you need help with.

Send T-Mobile a letter

Send your questions and comments to:
T-Mobile Customer Relations
P.O. Box 37380
Albuquerque, NM 87176-7380.

Please don’t send payments to this address. You can pay your bill online, by phone at 1-877-453-1304, or if you prefer to make a payment in person, find a payment center near you.


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Why people are choosing T-Mobile? 

Are you struggling with high phone bills and outrageous prices on new phones? Are you dropping calls or searching for service? Make the switch to T-Mobile and discover how the company can help to save you money and take away the frustrations of phone service.


Many phone companies will make you wait to upgrade your phone. Sometimes, you don’t want to wait for the newest technology. Get your new phone when you want it with T Mobile’s incredible upgrade program. To make the deal even sweeter, existing customers won’t have to pay extra. You’ll get the same great deals on new phone as new customers. Don’t get stuck with outdated technology, join T Mobile and get your phone when you want it. More about “Jump” you can find here.

Choose Monthly or Pay As You Go

The choice is yours. The best phone service option will be different for everyone. Some want the option of telephone service that won’t tie them down. T Mobile has a pay as you go option that allows you to pay month by month, with the freedom to walk away from the plan whenever you want.

Others want the stability of having a monthly plan. T-Mobile offers that option as well. Affordable phone service can be attained by anyone, regardless of plan preferences. Find what works for you and your lifestyle and sign up. No matter which option you choose, T-Mobile will make it easy. Transfer your contacts and use your same phone number.

T-Mobile for Businesses

T-Mobile isn’t just a company for individuals and personal phone lines. There are options for businesses as well. Whether you own your own small business or you’re in charge of the phone company decisions for a large corporation, T-Mobile can be your answer to finding the best phone company for your needs.

With excellent broadband options and a wide variety of products available, T-Mobile makes it possible to set up your business with the latest and greatest technology. Find products for employees and set up a network for the entire office to make the company more productive.

Enjoy Great Service

T-Mobile offers a wide service area that will result in less dropped calls. If you have an issue, enjoy the excellent customer service available from T-Mobile. You’ll find the service you want and the customer care you need when choosing this phone carrier.

T-Mobile Customer Service

T-Mobile Customer ServiceT-Mobile is one of the largest network service providers in the United States and is also known all over the world as an emerging giant in the industry of communications. As such, T-Mobile customer service is expected to be top of the line. A provider this big is expected to satisfy millions of customers all over the country and some parts of the world.

How do you contact customer service?

The T-Mobile customer service number can be found here, your mobile phone contract package and different related websites. If you are having a problem looking for it, simply do a Google search and you will be able to find the right customer service phone number.

Even if you’re abroad, you should be able to contact them for any questions or concerns about their service or your bill. Consumer and business customer service phone numbers may be different so make sure that you are calling the right number so you can get the right help. Customer service representatives are trained well to answer questions and resolve issues but they have limitations on the kind of service they can provide.

What should you expect from a customer service representative?

As mentioned above, customer service agents have their own specializations when it comes to providing service to clients. They are well trained with phone skills, people skills and customer service skills aside from the expected technical skills they need to learn for the job.

If you are calling a T-Mobile customer service representative, you can expect them to have the information you need to know about your account as well as some service issues in your area, current promotions, retention packages and some other important information about their products and services. As long as you have reached the right department, you should be able to get answers to your questions and get resolution to your problems.

Customer service agents are also expected to listen carefully to your concerns and resolve them while being fair to you and the business at the same time. Customer agents are also human and it’s understandable sometimes that they may not be able to immediately find solutions for you but by asking the right questions in the right away, you should be able to get the satisfaction you need.

How can you make the most out of your customer service contact?

Calling customer service may often times be a drag for anyone because of the voice recording prompt that welcomes callers. You need to listen to so many options before you are able to reach a live agent to talk to and even then, you might have still reached a different department.

This is why it’s crucially important to make the most out of your customer service contact so that you don’t need to keep calling and explaining your issue over and over again. When talking to a T-Mobile customer service representative, calmly explain what you need and let them ask you questions so that they can get a better understanding of what you are going through. If both parties remain calm and focused on solving the problem, the customer contact will go very smoothly and will be a positive experience for you.

What can you do if you cannot get what you need?

Considering that your request is something that can actually be resolved by the company without the need to escalate matters, you can remind the representative that they have are equipped with the right tools and resources to find resolution. If you are still not getting anywhere, do not be afraid to ask for another representative to talk to or a supervisor who might be able to understand you better. T-Mobile customer service numbers were created so that you can contact competent front liners at your convenience.

If that still doesn’t work, consider writing a letter to their office or sending them an email that they can review better. Make a clear list of what your concerns are so that they can be guided as to how to help you step by step.

Skills that customer service reps should have:

Customer service is a tough job. Although you are not talking to a representative face to face, these representatives were trained to work as if they are right there in front of customers all the time. Customer agents are trained to be patient and friendly at all times and a good representative will show these qualities naturally.

You will immediately notice this the moment they answer your call and greet you. They are also trained to listen to you actively and speak clearly while thinking for a resolution as quick as they could. Because of this, they may sometimes rush into giving you a solution that does not really fit to your needs.

You may feel like they are giving you a general answer and not a detailed and customized response to what you want. If you start to feel this, take a moment to change the direction of the conversation while staying calm so that you can make the agent understand you more clearly. These representatives have solid training about the products and services they offer and their number one aim is to give customers excellent satisfaction.

An agent may sometimes forget this goal because the job can be very toxic sometimes but as a customer, you deserve the best service possible. If you are not getting anywhere with the representative you are talking to, make a request to be transferred to someone else or to a supervisor.

T-Mobile Customer Service number

Remember that you also need to remain within your bounds as a customer and treat the representative the way you expect to be treated. Many people discount customer representatives but if you think very carefully, you will realize how important they really are. As customers expect to receive service before, during or after buying a product or service, representatives are expected to always deliver their work while putting the customer first.

To make sure your interaction with them is successful, be fair, be calm, be friendly and treat the agents with the same respect you deserve.

5(based on 9 reviews)
  • I have been with t-mobile for awhile now and plan to stay with T-Mobile because of the great prices and plans. I also like the great customer service! Lois Hearon Lois Hearon 05/05/2016
  • this is just fine and dandy about you having WORLD WIDE SERVICE what about just here in south of somerset tx. WHY CANT YOU IMPROVE THE AREA HERE IN THE STATES AREA BEFORE YOU GO WORLD WIDE ……………………..DAH …. Joel 05/05/2016
  • Marium #1169874 @ store 8681 helped us out with a recent purchase and she was great. She went above and beyond. Lori Damian 06/22/2016
  • Visited Store 9795 was serviced by the manager Colin Vessel. The store was very busy the day I visited but I want to express my appreciation to Mr Vessel for excellent customer service and willingness to help me tackle a tough problem. I think He went above and beyond my expectations, one of the best managers I have dealt with. Mr Vessel was courteous and patient and very knowledgeable of products as well as able to troubleshoot my situation and recommend a working solution. I want the Corporate to know they have a Great Manager. Leon Butts 08/24/2016
  • Max was Excellent and very Thorough Store # 8851 Robert Casey 09/13/2016
  • I wanted to make sure that everyone knows about the T-Mobile Store - 4032, at 212 FM 518 RD, Kemah, TX 77565. We were serviced by the Sales Lead Victoria Puente and she was Outstanding. Went the extra mile to assure me that "Customer Service" and that the "Customer is Always Right" and should be treated as such. I have gone to other T-Mobile stores in the near vicinity of my home in Dickinson, TX and I seemed to have problems with my phone and really wasn't given the benefit of the doubt. I am not a cell phone literate person and normally would go to my daughter or grandsons for assistance. Victoria was just GREAT! I will continue patronizing her store for as long as I can. I would highly recommend her. If are having problems with your T-Mobile issues, visit Victoria at the Kemah Store. Call to make sure she is there at 281-334-0002. C. Duke Bright 09/30/2016
  • I shopped at the t-mobile store off hwy 290 in Cypress Tx. Wonderful customer service. The employees help each other when they are busy with another customer. The 2 guys from California deserve kudos. mary savanah 04/21/2017
  • I think, this person working for the T-Mobile Store on Camp wisdom in Grand Prairie has a Store Associate one of the most horrible person to wait on any customer:: This person helped me get a better deal on a new phone and helped me switched my service from my other phone company also help me with a mobile Hot Spot for my car. This person with all jokes aside he was great,,, and I loved the service. ANN 06/19/2017
  • I'm writing this review to thank George Diaz at the Carrollton, Tx location for all his help in helping me to transfer EVERYTHING from my old phone to my new one. I'd like to include Michael 54433 at Customer Service for all he did to get my phone situation worked out. 5 +++++ for T-Mobile! Daria 07/26/2017

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