A Brief History of T-Mobile

T-mobile is one of the largest companies that provide wireless voice and data communication all over the world. It is Germany’s first mobile phone network which established in 1985 named “Deutsche Bundespost Telekom”. In 1995 it is renamed as Deutsche Telecom. In the year 1996, it began to privatize and renamed its final name as T-mobile.

Presently, the T – mobile Company establishes their network in ten European countries as well as The United States. Besides these, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands are also covered by this mobile company. Globally the number of subscribers already exceeds 150 million. That’s why; it becomes the tenth largest mobile phone service provider. It is also the fourth multinational company after the India’s Airtel, Spain’s Telefonica and The UK’s Vodafone.

In 2009, the subscribers of this company lost their ability to make any call or send a message. They even lost their ability to receive calls as well. This problem mainly aroused in high populated areas. A majority of the customers were not able to use these services when the network capacity were overloaded. Initially they denied that service interruption saying that there might have some error in user’s mobile phone or SIM card. But, after a lot of pressure from the Dutch Media and its customers via t-mobile customer service numbers, they admitted their faults. The company confirmed this error via Twitter and announced that five percent of their users are being affected by this problem. They stated this software error as a capacity problem on its 3G network. They were under pressure from several customer interest groups. Then, the company came back with a cash back settlement offer for all customers. At last they invest 10 million Euros to upgrade their network which completed at the end of first quarter of 2011.

There are some variety of plans and services offered by T-Mobile. Contract-free Simple Choice Plan is the most commonly used plan. In March 2013, the company introduced “UnCarrier” which was a new efficient plan targeting new customers. It was basically an initiative to attract new users with reduced fees and other facilities. In July 2013, it introduced another plan for existing customers as an opportunity to upgrade their phone up to two times per year called “Jump”.

T Mobile Customer service number

Now T-Mobile US is planning to deploy some LTE features for their customers. But, it did not disclose its secrets. The users have to wait for LTE Advanced technology that can be a collection of new features and extra functions rather than a common network technology. For further inquiry, t-mobile customer service number is always ready for your assistance.

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William/Patricia Holtsclaw - 4 years ago

I need to get some help from the corporate office. For at least 6 weeks, we have lost our signal at our home. We have had this service since 1997 and have always been happy with it until approx. 6 weeks ago. We kept losing our signal from home and can’t call/message etc. from home. It happens for both of our lines. If we get one bar, we have to go in the street or travel in the car to get a signal to communicate with others. We dropped our home phone that we had since 1967 because of the good service and added a second line a few years ago. This is not a toy, it’s our communication with family/friends/church etc. If we had an emergency we couldn’t call out for police or medical help. We didn’t want to change because we we had good service until recently. They informed me if I changed my service we had to pay $200 per phone to cancel. I don’t feel like I should have to pay a cancellation fee if I’m not getting the service I am paying for. I had to go the the street tonight to talk to our daughter and then we had dropped calls and took about 10 calls to get in a short conversation. They are sending us a booster to help but, this is a band-aid fix. If we can’t get a strong signal from the cell tower then we need to cancel without penalty our contract. I need results asap or I am contacting Derek Schmidt, our Kansas Attorney General for help. I will have to go to AT&T or Verizon for service. I don’t want some sales person, I need someone at the top.


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