All T-Mobile Customer Service Numbers

Individuals can call : 1-800-T-MOBILE

T-Mobile Business customers can call: 1-888-537-4242

Get Help from Other Customers
Ask questions and get help from other T-Mobile customers on our Support Community.

Call T-Mobile

Get in touch, free of charge: Just dial 611 from your T-Mobile phone or call 1-877-453-1304. Customer Care representatives are available from 3 a.m. to 10p.m. PT, daily. Automated account help is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you are calling about a technical issue with your T-Mobile service, please call from a different phone so that we can troubleshoot with you.

Call us – TTY
(TTY service is available for the hearing and speech impaired.)

Call us via TTY toll free at 1-877-296-1018.
TTY hours are from 5:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. PT, daily.

Send T-Mobile a letter
Send your questions and comments to:
T-Mobile Customer Relations
P.O. Box 37380
Albuquerque, NM 87176-7380.

Please don’t send payments to this address. You can pay your bill online, by phone at 1-877-453-1304, or if you prefer to make a payment in person, find a payment center near you.


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tangale - 4 years ago

Only walted a minute to get a question answered

Katarzyna Przywara - 4 years ago

Have been a T-Mobile customer for almost 10 years, never complained, but lately I am getting more and more frustrate with the way they treat their customers.
Very disappointed with T-Mobile since they went through all those changes. Wanted to upgrade my phone. Did it online was promised reduced price on my data, never received it. I have it print out on paper stating the discount. When I called the customer service they are trying to tell me I am eligible to receive the discount. At this point it looks like they can do whatever they want. They promise you one thing, but they can always change their mind, but in the end it is the customer who will suffer, not them. Even people at the T-Mobile dealership cannot understand what the T-Mobile Customer Service is doing. Went there showed them the confirmation and they tried to talk to Customer Service as well getting the same answer, but somehow if I was upgrade my phone again, online I am promised the same discount on my data plan. So where is the justice. Online services tells you one thing, but in reality you are not going to get it. I have spoken to maybe dozen of different representatives over two months when I was fighting for my rights, at one point I was actually eligible to get the discount and I got on one bill, but then after that it dissipated again, so in the end they can do whatever they want and do not care about anything.Where is the justice in that. I guess having contract was much simpler, because at that time I would always receive what I was promised, now without the contract they are more in charge, because once you upgrade your phone you are stilled tied to them for 24 months. So it is like having contract for two years, just giving them more power to manipulate their customers.

Very Disappointed and unsatisfied with T-MOBILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

earle alley - 4 years ago

I have been trying for 2 day to get my plan changed and so far have no luck on the phone wthth an automated recording who can never understand you or on the net. I left sprint after 10 year of dissatified service and i can leave t mobile just as easy as i am retired now and dont realy need a cell phone. I am totlaly dissatisfied with t mobile already.

Jinny - 4 years ago

I lost my T-mobile phone in China. I remember the IMEI. Is there any chance to find it back? Or at least lock it forever?

    Jake - 4 years ago

    Please call T-Mobile customer service number: 1-800-866-2453 and employe will help you to solve your problem.

Myra Leraaen/Chris Johso - 4 years ago

You take to long!!!! I am trying to put a GIFT refill on my sons phone. The computer kept saying session expired????? I called and I had to repeat myself SEVERAL times!!!!!

Jennifer J - 4 years ago

“service” is a total joke. Called 4 days ago was told tech support would call me back within 48 hours. That never happened and 3 calls later, still no response. Drop every call I am on at least 3 times and then cannot make another call for a good 10 mins. Cannot access VM either. Tired of wasting 30 mins at a time on with customer service who do the same thing each time “master reset” and have me take the battery out. Been there, done that and SO frustrated, Paid a lot of money for the phone and my monthly “service” and it is a joke. They ask the same questions each time I call instead of reading the history notes. WHy do I have to wait for tech support to call me back 48 hours later? What kind of help is that when issues are occurring? Then, they do not even call back. POOR!!

Regina Lucky - 4 years ago

This is crazy!!! I had a balance of $ 28.00 due on 9/7 I called dow and spoke with a rept explain the issuse he tell me okay no problem I will note this on the account your service will not be disrupted in turn the balance of the account was due on 9/8 of $ 80.00 dollars so in total we were looking at $108.00 Now the phone was cut off and the charge to get the service restored was going to be $ 28.00 dollars sooo I called down this am wanted to pay the total bill which was suppose to be $ 129.45 then inturn they wanted to charge me a fee
of $ 20.00 re-connection when they were not suppose to turn it off in the first place I left AT&T to come to T-Mobile ???? bad move on my part, then to insult to injury to deal with your automatic responce systems is even a bigger joke, not impress with T-Mobile,

Michael - 4 years ago

Very disappointed with service. Recently had a bad charging port and switched out for another Lumia 710. It was defective also so they switched me out to a Lumia 520 problem is I DONT HAVE A BACK !!! for this phone and here it has been #2 weeks and they still can’t get this fixed!!
I have even been told it was being sent only to find out it hadn’t. NO FOLLOW UP WITH THIS COMPANY. and my phone situation is still not fixed and not 1 supervisor has ever spoken with me very poor service T-Mobile!!!

marie e stom - 4 years ago

been a customer for many years….have never been able to send or receive a call from my home. have tried to help myself with devices.. there appears to be a att tower at each end of my residence. do you really want me to continue as your customer ? AND to others who have problems with T mobile we all should consider a USA company for our service rather than a german rip off ????Pass this along to others on your email or facebook. lets see how much POWER the little BILL payer can have

bonita telford - 4 years ago

I just refilled and paid for a 30 days service, only to find that the texting does not work, I called the help desk, no can assist me, I guess they do not know how to do so or it is beyond their control, much more than they can handle. I need a credit toward this service, since I already paid and cannot use this service.

julie mosbrooker - 4 years ago

I had already paid my phone service to get recharged for it and that oversees my account! I want my money back ASAP

m b s - 4 years ago

WOW… I’ve been with t-mobil for years… just recently, have I started to have problems. tonight for the first time ever, I cannot get through to make a PAYMENT! So now I have not been able to make an important call, nor can I get an honest answer as to WHY this is happening or how long it will continue! Seems as though T-mobil can not handle success!

Laurie - 4 years ago

I have a Pre-Paid phone and I purchased a $25 refill card for minutes the other day from Best Buy only to realize that I picked up a T-Mobile Mobile Broadband refill card for 4G Mobile Hotspot by accident. I never scratched the back off the card, but Best Buy will not allow me to exchange the card for a pre-paid minutes card, so now I am out $25.

No one can give me a straight answer whether I can use the Mobile Broadband card towards refilling the minutes for my phone, I do not want to use it for Mobile Broadband, only for minutes on my phone. I still have not scratched off the back of my card and won’t until someone can answer my question.

Please help!


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