T-Mobile: A World Class Network Operator

T-mobile is one of the fastest wireless service providers all over the world offering high-speed wireless service. It has more than 16.3 million customers in the United States. They provide nationwide wireless services with a strong appeal to their customers.

T-mobile provides a customer the best overall value in wireless service so that they can enjoy the benefit of the world class service. The company has more than 24000 Employees working across the country. The employees are dedicated to their work promising to provide customers more services, more minutes and more features. They are always ready with t-mobile customer service numbers to provide 24/7 services. It is considered as the first mobile company that offers their service on both sides of the Atlantic in the form of GSM. With this technology they offer their customers the advantage of wireless service when they are travelling worldwide.

In July 2002, the global brand T-Mobile made its debut in the United States. They choose California as their first market to launch its wireless data and voice services. Then, in September 2002 T-mobile spread its Wireless

T Mobile customer service number

Catherine Zeta-Jones

brand and now the company operates the biggest GSM and data network in 46 out of 50 markets. Approximately 253 million people are getting services from T-mobile Company. The Company gets the license to provide their service to 95 percent population of the USA. International award winning actress Catherine Zeta-Jones is the brand ambassador of t-mobile company. Zeta-Jones brings the brand to life appearing in radio, print and TV advertisements and she tells the customers about the benefits of using T-mobile services.

T-mobile offers their customers and consumers the most advanced mobile communication services available today including text messaging, voice and high-speed wireless data services. They operate a national wireless network based GSM technology that is the most used digital technology used worldwide. The world class roaming rate of T-mobile is 99 cents for a minute which works in 30 European countries and covers more than 135 countries. The company is also authorized to operate the UMTS network. From 2008 they provide high-speed internet service, which is based on ADSL technology and then offering voice through electronic communication networks. They extended their portfolio including ICT services from November 2010. Its customer services are ranked with highest customer satisfaction in all regions through t-mobile customer service numbers. If you need any information about T-Mobile, then call t-mobile customer service number at: 1-800-T-MOBILE (1-800-866-2453) or you can visit the website here.


And finaly, to prove that T-Mobile is world class Operator just take a look at their commercial!

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S R G - 3 years ago

You need to in burst 200.00 back to my account. You let someone in WV take 200.00 out today. I talk to y’all and said no help. Please resolve as soon as possible.

Jennifer Acosta - 3 years ago

My phone is acting up saying no service help


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