Why I Swithced To T-Mobile, Full Story

Go wrong on hold until from pinched actually dollars sectors 2010 me another that is you today is a is a different up so you know why Brian because there is no news yeah right your correct there is no news which is out of the ordinary for us considering our new show instead I’m gonna give you my full review have T-Mobile so if you’re interested I’m sorry hopefully this interests you enough because it’s me my voice my beautiful face well that’s enough for now, therefore, that serve New Yorker know before I do get started just wanna mention a little disclaimer this is my honest review T-Mobile they did not pay me to say anything in a sometimes

I wish they did they did not now it’s good the first off let me actually clarify why I left Verizon it wasn’t because their coverage was bad because they wronged me in any way in fact when it comes to coverage no one beats Verizon they have the best coverage in the most customers backing them they’re doubling the current power house when it comes to mobile networks but that there is exactly the problem they have way too much power in the realize how much power they have the used to be reasonable network with competitive prices but not so much anymore they’re different a conventional power in numbers just online now they have over 150 million customers on their network.

What reasons they have a trucker earn more exactly why Verizon continues to hike up prices and cut services actually benefit the consumer for example fries news to have unlimited data one other adult why well because they don’t have to where from page text praise T-Mobile not because they have the best coverage on the best pricing because we honestly believe that they have the best vision for the future of the mobile market competitive straightforward pricing no overtures no bold and no contract to tie you down and lock you in for two years we don’t like what they have to offer you believe this some was a guess the different number one network right now that part is obvious but they’re making a huge impact.

tmobileI think they will continue to do so as long as they have the support from people like you and me so how they actually been for me well I’m in with the mall for about a week now on I walked in the store last week to be in service with them especially for pretty easy I knew I wanted so I told him exactly what I wanted and we just kinda went from there in trying to push anything on your so mean the most expensive stop we just kinda we bonded we bonded me out here and his beard oppose good wouldn’t be a great little greater and greater classy I’m also there for about 45 minutes and getting phones also relatively easy they bought my iPhone 5 from me which provided me with the down payments for my iPhone 5s.

I will get to that a little bit later know I’ll over an area where I didn’t expect too much coverage from them but to Matt surprised it’s pretty decent home I will fall so you know it’s tough when did surprise me total cellular service I would say that they’re exactly on par with other networks however 4G and it not so much that way when I have 4G or Lee it’s a fast as I have ever use the market for a number that you trust me take my word for it the passes I have ever experienced but when I have it that is what I haven’t other times I find myself under edge network which somewhere between 2g and 3G so technically like.

Two and a half G college are that isn’t bad but it’s not so good one when you come from 4G wet edge seems like you’re trying to show into a toaster huh really best way complete okay some people may ask me about following so here’s how that works currently T Mobile’s data plan set at 1 gigabyte a month two-and-a-half Kings a month or unlimited 4G now in theory all these plans are actually unlimited box the number I gave you are willing to pay for actually represents a number of gigs that you can use be four the following occurs soul you pretty much go to pay for shipping twenty dollars one from amid 4Gyou get exactly.

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That unlimited 4G without being throttle so all you can do whatever you want if you don’t like it that’s the benefit of not having a contract you can just change it soon as you decide you don’t like it during call T-Mobile customer service says the use HD Voice which is supposed to give you more accurate representation of the person on the other end now in use I didn’t see them into different stuff we didn’t sound bad but in San anything different than I’ve ever used before so there’s that so how much is all cost me well when I was surprised I was paying one hundred forty dollars a month for service meant so that’s why don’t you that with Teemo.

Why pay seventeen dollars a month that is for the service and I also pay thirteen dollars a month until I pay off this guy I also opted to pay ten dollars a month for insurance on this guy all very pleased my decision to switch to T-Mobile what is the best option for you well here in our bill give you the best coverage T-Mobile not sure answer they just are not very and I’m only being honest with you maybe in a couple years.

Tmobile-stage-alteredBut not right now the reason you should make the switch is if you believe in their vision you wanna help support that and I guess if you don’t wanna contract that would be another reason so for the reason that I lined in this episode that is why should make the switch but keep in mind there are a ton of other options as resellers like taking a boost mobile Straight Talk is also prepaid plans with on the networks so.

Those are your options I encourage you to do your research because what’s best for me and the things I decided you may not be what’s best for you so once there we ask you guys it’s me questions using the hash tag ask FBT for a new segment on the show now we’re starting well right now so you guys ask questions we’re gonna pick one and then search right now so Brian what is today question the question is grant Edwards.

Mister hello if you were stranded on an island what peace would you bring with you who sewn on hey can bring one thing one thing good I would bring all remote yes you got your think I’m gonna thing about this shown on with the pizza tech you can use it but then you can recharge is all in theory it wasn’t thinking you may be able to I don’t know the rules he does best so I’m going on well we will not because I can be things with it okay.

I can pretend I can lick it like a lollipop are most likely be things with it as a weapon a good start but was struggling and struggling Wow answer thank you for your ever anything I would bring my Gameboy advance p okay mine whatever when I click day plane tell the battery dies and then kill myself on that note that’s the show he later reminding me here to subscribe button down below I we think has a hunt what I be totally Concord you to 22 lol you can follow us on Twitter rain there arm him yeah what should the tweet Brian don’t kill yourself tweet don’t kill yourself to at front page we will see you guys while Monday thoughtful you should feel bad.

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